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    which surfboard is best for you?

    Choosing your ideal board type is a very important and complex task. Determining the right board comes down to your surfing skill, surf conditions, types of waves, your weight, height and even, your fitness level.

    You can check our different surfboards and their descriptions here, or ask us for recommendations. We will be happy to check what is your perfect surfboard match: Contact us!

    how long does an order take?

    As this is a taugh question, difficult to foresee, we will inform you about the stimated time, when we receive your order. It will depend on the number of ongoing orders and the providers timing.

    how does the shipping work?

    When we receive your order, we will ask for a quote for shipping your board to your address and send to you the costs as soon as possible. We will start shaping your board after your confirmation and receiving the payment.