About Us

Born in France by Canarian hands

Pristine surfboards got its start in 2020, hand-shaping surfboards in the middle of the nature in France and nowadays located in the Canary Islands.

Our philosophy is based in positive surfing. We surf for an escape from the daily grind, the natural high, the adrenaline rush it provides, the pursuit of inner peace. Surfing is generally an individual pursuit as opposed to a team sport, so it just makes you feel good.
As anything in life, keeping a positive attitude and enjoying the moment will reward you.

We believe in quality and handcraft designs. We want to take shape of your dreams and seeing translate into a functional form in the water.

It’s only

our mission

Our mission is to provide fun and an original surf for those looking for a positive surfing and to enjoy their ride, through high standard quality surf product.

our values

Pristine Surfboards stands for quality, originality and unique international surf brand designs. Our key values: originality, tailored and quality.


In these wild and unprecedented times, it is important to remember the simple things: time in nature and more time surfing. To embrace and live life to its fullest.

“The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.”
– Phil Edwards.